Running the CompilerΒΆ

To facilitate the use of the pan configuration language compiler in different contexts, several mechanisms for running the compiler are supported, ranging from direct invocation from the command line to use within build frameworks like ant and maven.

The performance of the compiler can vary significantly depending on how the compiler is invoked and on what options are used. Some general points to keep in mind are:

  • For large builds, try to start the underlying Java Virtual Machine (JVM) only once. That is, avoid the command line interface and instead use one of the build framework integrations.
  • The pan compiler can be memory-intensive to medium to large-scale builds. Use the verbose output to see the allocated and used heap space. Increase the allocated memory for the JVM if the used memory exceeds about 80% of the total.
  • Other JVM optimizations and options can improve performance. Check out what options are available with your Java implementation and experiment with those options.

The following sections provide details on the supported mechanisms for invoking the pan configuration language compiler.